What is GSA?

GSA is the General Services Administration, a division of the federal government that oversees federal spending.

Services that we provide to all of our GSA Applicants:

  • Research to determine all NAICS, PSC and FSC codes which apply to the clients business
  • Assistance with SAM Registration that are mandatory for Government Contractors
  • Determination of the most advantageous Federal Supply Schedule
  • Gathering information to support price negotiations
  • Review of all applicable FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) and CFR ( Code of Federal Regulations) clauses
  • Preparation of all applicable forms, including Representations and Certifications as well as Technical Proposals required
  • Preparation, via templates, of a Small Business Subcontracting Plan as required
  • Research to insure compliance with JWOD requirements where applicable
  • Preparation of a proposed Schedule Price List with supporting documentation
  • Preparation of Commercial Sales Practice (CSP-1) disclosure and price support documentation
  • Delivery of the completed Proposal the GSA  and monitoring of Proposal Status
  • Response to GSA request for Clarifications and Revisions
  • Conducting negotiations with GSA's assigned Contract Officer / Contract Specialist
  • Preparation of the Final Proposal Revision at the close of Negotiations
  • Post award instruction to facilitate marketing to the Federal Government

Why do I need this?

Companies with a GSA Schedule Contract are favored, because it dramatically reduces acquisition lead-time and creates increased efficiency for government agencies. The GSA 5 year contract has pre-negotiated rates and prices, so proposals are viewed as fair and reasonable which eliminates putting a contract out to bid. A GSA contract is a powerful calling card.

What is a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is an award presented to qualifying applicants through GSA. GSA facilitates the process of federal purchasing. A Contract Number is issued to any company awarded a GSA Schedule. Federal agencies utilize the GSA Contract Number to look up a company's contract, view the products and/or services offered, and research terms and conditions online. A GSA Schedule is also referred to as a GSA 5 Year Contract, a MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) Contract, and a FSS (Federal Supply Schedule)

Is processing a GSA proposal difficult?

A GSA proposal is comprised of numerous steps. Many small companies have spent at least a year, unproductively trying to understand, decipher, and respond to GSA's densely worded documents. Unfortunately, the time invested and effort expended with a proposal may prove fruitless should the GSA reject an application due to omissions and mistakes. Experience, patience, attention to detail, and excellent written and verbal communication skills are necessary to complete the process and to navigate this process.

GSA Schedule 5 Year Federal Contract

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